Dragonboat Festival

This last weekend was the annual (and awesome) Dragonboat festival in Cambridge. While people were racing along the Charles, I was lazily watching them and eating fantastic chana masala. I like events that involve me eating and being lazy while other people are working hard. In addition to the boat races there were performances of drumming, dancing, and martial arts.
The drumming was fantastic and so much fun to watch, especially for the last piece where they started flipping sticks and one guy even jumped over his drum.
All the while rowers were rowing, and we were eating.

Here you can see Rick sampling a dish, he was not as happy with it as I was with my chana masala, but when someone doesn't like rice, cooked vegetables, or spicy food it can be hard to find something they'll enjoy (at least at a festival that features asian foods). Luckily for us we were able to get him a whole pile of naan which was deemed edible! Since the festival was free we ended up having a beautiful and exciting day along the river for just the cost of the bus ride there, and whatever food we wanted to sample! Hurrah for city living and cheap entertainment!!