Reflections on two months in the city

I'm coming up fast on the two month mark for living in the city. Already I feel comfortable in Boston and have started to consider it home. I came here being so nervous: was I going to get lost, would I be able to figure out public transportation, would I be able to handle my various commitments? Luckily, many of my fears were unfounded. That's not to say I didn't get lost, I did and probably will again, but I have stopped carrying around my map and instead have learned to navigate using some of the big Boston landmarks like Fenway, Prudential Center, and the Charles. I am also now in love with public transportation (although my wait for the bus may become a lot less likable when there's snow on the ground) and consider my Charlie Card to be one of my most prized possessions. While I am busy going from the gym, to class, to internships, to work, to volunteering (and still trying to find time to cook something besides Annie's Mac and Cheese) I love all of my activities and have managed to stay on top of everything and not feel fried. Plus there's no better feeling than walking out of the T-stop at Copley and strolling through the farmer's market on Fridays to get to my internship, or watching the sunrise over the Charles. So did I make the transition from island girl to city girl? I'd have to say that's a yes.


Boston Public Library

My stealthy picture taking skills (and Rick).
View of the courtyard from the third floor by the Special Collections.

I am proud to say that I finally have a Boston Public Library card! Since I walk by the library frequently to get to my internship it will be nice to be able to stop in and check out some books too (there's also a smaller neighborhood branch near me but I can't resist the beauty of the main branch). Rick and I stopped by to visit it the other day and stumbled across an exhibit of photographic portraits of writers by Yousuf Karsh (a favorite of mine!) which was amazing. So either go to the BPL, check out the murals and sculpture, the exhibit, maybe also a book, or go to the Museum of Fine Arts where they have a more expansive collection of Karsh's work right now (although at the BPL they also have his written reflections of meeting with each author which makes it that much more interesting).


Christian Science Center

View from the front.
View from the reflecting pool.
View of the Prudential Center from the Christian Science Center.

As a fun surprise for Rick I planned out a little field trip after my Saturday class. We took the T to Prudential, had a nice lunch of sushi (some of the best unagi I ever, ever had!) then some Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream, and off to see the beautiful Christian Science Center. Once Rick got over his confusion (thinking it was Scientology not Christian Science) we were able to enjoy the beautiful architecture and reflecting pool before heading on to the highlight of the day: the Mapparium!! A four story, stained-glass globe of the world that you can stand inside, could there be anything cooler than that? There was also a light show that went with it which was great and since you're inside a glass globe there are some fun acoustics to play with (a whisper ends up being super loud). Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures of it but at only 6 dollars to get in (4 if you're a student) you should go yourself and enjoy it (and if I remembered the name of the sushi place I would tell you to go there too, but it's in the Prudential center if that helps)!


Absence makes the reader grow fonder?

Yes I have dissapeared in a graduate school stress induced haze but I come back bearing good news. Not only do I have recent Boston exploits to describe and pictures to show, but I will be going to Nicaragua in January, which means more travelly fun for everyone! YIPPEE!! I am now going to retreat back into the stacks of the library but I promise to come back soon, and with pictures!