Tropical getaway for $20?!?!

Well now that I have everyone's attention... I have a confession, I am officially sick of winter. Right now it's snowing, and we have a winter storm warning, and I just want spring to come. I know I cannot possibly be alone in my miserly sentiments and thoughts of "What?!?! more f-ing snow?!?! Aren't we done yet?" So I want to get away, and go somewhere warm.
My Mom recently came down for a visit and had the exact same sentiments. We just wanted to not be cold and to not think about snow or the endless nature of New England winters for a couple hours. Our solution? The New England Aquarium! While the entrance fee is not as cheap as some other entertainment in Boston, it does cost a lot less then a round-trip ticket to Aruba. For three hours we wandered, enjoyed the heat and the exhibits, and forgot that we are in for at least another month of "wintery mix" as the weather channel euphemistically refers to the slush on the streets.
So if you too are looking out your window at the quickly accumulating snow and going "WHY GOD, WHY!?!" then cheer yourself up with a visit to your local aquarium (or inside botanical garden) and soak up enough warmth to last you till April, cause we're going to need it.

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