Busy ... never mind, I won't pun you

Two new things:First, as you can see above, I did my initial foray into needle felting. While he may be the fattest bee you've ever seen, and I haven't put his little bead eyes on yet, I think he's pretty charming. Plus, I have not yet accidentally stabbed my fingers with the INCREDIBLY sharp needle felting needles, so that's a real bonus. The instructions for this little guy came from Wool Pets where there are also many other adorable creatures I will be trying soon.

Oh, I said there were two things, yes? As a librarian I have to be familiar with all kinds of technologies and such, which means I am now experimenting on Twitter so if you want my stream of consciousness inane comments, that would be the place to go!

And while I only said two things I'm going to throw in a third, part of the reason I'm so busy is that I've been trying to get the products going on Cafe Press so please do spread the word as half of the profits will be benefiting the library in Nicaragua that I volunteer with and their fund-raising has been down for the year (big surprise there, right?)

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