Museum and River Walk

This weekend Rick and I visited the Museum of Science to view their Harry Potter exhibit, it was about as Halloweenish as we got all weekend. The museum was a lot of fun and since it was a shockingly beautiful and warm day for the end of October we decided to take a long walk along the Charles afterwards.
I'm gad the sun was shining and the river walk provided plenty of free entertainment because I was still smarting from the exorbitant price of the Museum.
So, Boston Museum of Science, here is my plea, make your admission fee reasonable for students and families. The New England Aquarium is 20.95 for adults, the Museum of Fine Arts is 20 for adults, 18 for students (I get in free with my student ID and lots of libraries have passes you can check out), Isabella Stewart Gardener is 12, the Institute of Contemporary Art is 15 general admission or 10 for students and seniors and free for youth (under 17). What was the point of that list of prices? That 26 dollars is a LOT to charge and when I asked if the science museum has any student discounts or discounted days I was told only M.I.T. students got discounts.

People complain about the state of education in America and that students aren't learning enough. Here is my response, as long as it is cheaper for parents to take their kids to the movies rather than to the museum this is what they are going to do. Museum of Science, please reduce your prices or add some discounted nights because you are more expensive than any other museum in Boston.

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