Miss Fi's antics

Fiona and I have had a lot of fun lately. It was just her and I for a couple days and we got to run some errands around town. I didn't know if she was allowed in a music store with me, so I left her in the car (it was pouring rain and chilly so there was no concern of overheating) but before I got in the store a man went in with a HUGE snake wrapped around her neck. At that point I was half freaked out about the snake and half tempted to take Fi into the store and if they said she wasn't allowed I would make an argument along the lines of "adorable friendly dogs are not allowed in the store but icky and creepy snakes are?!?!" I was a big wuss though, so Fiona stayed in the car, and I sold back some Cd's in a hurry to avoid possible reptile attack. After that we went to my favorite bookstore in the Old Port where dogs ARE allowed (among one of the many reasons why Longfellow's Book Store in Portland is fantastic!). Unfortunately Fi did not like Portland, the parking garage had her a little weirded out, as did the elevator when we went to visit Ali. Since she was such a trooper (this was after our run the day before which ended up being in torrential rain, thunder and lightening, smart huh?) I took her back home to play in her kiddie pool and then hang out in our sweats and read trashy magazines.

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Rick said...

Did all that dirt come from Fiona?