Stateside Sister Adventure

Today was my sister's big dinner for her work. Part fund raiser part celebration this is the second year that she's had a hand in throwing a dinner party for 350 people. Last year she made a huge chocolate vegan sheet cake (with elaborate frosting using powdered sugar to form wave patterns and a boat). Luckily I had today off from work so I got to take part and also document some of the fun craziness that happens when you're working with recipes producing servings in the hundreds, not the dozens. So let me take you through this fun day...

6:30am- wake up to my fuzzy four legged alarm clock, (aka the dog) and go for a lousy run (Fiona has decided to try to get both of us killed today by jumping in the road, fun huh?)
8am- cleaned up and feeling better after some tea I start tackling a pre-party to do list, like loading up the mixer and some of the floral arrangements (see below) in the car and finding Christmas lights (I also managed to fit in some of my own errands like getting my watch repaired and getting the new David Sedaris book which I am very excited about before showing up for...

Noon time mass cupcake making!! Each bowl makes 30 servings, and there were 4 bowls so the first batch should have made 120 (somehow we ended up with 198, probably because the tins were small). To make the mix we went down the line with each person being responsible for an ingredient, because they were vegan if they sit out too long the baking soda and vinegar react so we had to be speedy after they were mixed and get them into the oven.
1pm- with all the batches out of the oven we had a whole mess of cupcakes cooling ready to be frosted, since the majority of the baking was sent I got to go run some more errands
3pm- Arrive back at the church with some much needed caffeine, Ali's phone charger and a treasure trove of a donation... 20 pounds of cheese!!! Do you see all that goodness back there? Better yet it's Silvery Moon Cheese from one of my favorite places
4pm- Leaving the frosting to some of the many volunteers (it's only fair since I got to have so much fun making the batter) I hung up some signs, loaded the car back up and came home to relax with my new book.
Congrats on a job well done Ali!!! I would recommend you as a party planner to anyone!

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