Fetch with Ms. Fiona

As I'm getting ready to move (TOMORROW!!!) and am in the midst of packing stuff I've also had to start saying my goodbyes to my fuzzy wonder girl. I was thinking I would go to the beach yesterday to kind of celebrate my last day of summer, but instead I thought I should take Fiona swimming so I could get some nice time with her. She had a blast, lots of fetching, rolling in the dirt, and sniffing things. The stick you actually see her carrying had to have been at least 6 feet (it was significantly taller than me). I had been throwing her puny, manageable sized sticks in the water but she saw this one and she decided she had to have it. Since it was so long I had to throw it for her "jav-huck" style (our family expression for when you toss something like a javelin, whether out of frustration with the object or necessity). After getting Ms. Naughty Pants thoroughly exhausted I took her back home (where I soon found I had some leech removal to do, ick!) and we rested up lying in the hammock. Perfect day (except for the leech)!

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