Hello Boston!

Boston garden
Sorry for the delay... I have moved to Boston and it is good! My mom helped me with the move, a couple bruises and a lot of coffee later and we had transferred me and all of my physical belongings (okay, at least 75% of my belongings) from one state to another. The bed decided to fight us but after a trip to the hardware store and a good deal of time locked in my room I had a futon frame that was not only put together but was not stuck in the couch position (this at one point required my to prop up the frame with my toes so I could screw one side in). Since fully nesting in my new room and making myself at home I have dealt with Satan Kitty (she welcomed me by peeing on my bed), gotten a T pass, navigated public transportation, purchased my grad school books (eek and yikes!), and had a great day in China Town/Financial District with my friends. We walked all around the public garden, had amazing dim sum, drinks near Faneuil hall, and plan to do a lot more exploring together. So far I guess it's a big hooray for city life!


Nicole said...

Welcome to your new life and home. Best of luck getting situated and starting classes!

Lulu said...

Thank you Nicole, so far everything is going well!