Reflections on two months in the city

I'm coming up fast on the two month mark for living in the city. Already I feel comfortable in Boston and have started to consider it home. I came here being so nervous: was I going to get lost, would I be able to figure out public transportation, would I be able to handle my various commitments? Luckily, many of my fears were unfounded. That's not to say I didn't get lost, I did and probably will again, but I have stopped carrying around my map and instead have learned to navigate using some of the big Boston landmarks like Fenway, Prudential Center, and the Charles. I am also now in love with public transportation (although my wait for the bus may become a lot less likable when there's snow on the ground) and consider my Charlie Card to be one of my most prized possessions. While I am busy going from the gym, to class, to internships, to work, to volunteering (and still trying to find time to cook something besides Annie's Mac and Cheese) I love all of my activities and have managed to stay on top of everything and not feel fried. Plus there's no better feeling than walking out of the T-stop at Copley and strolling through the farmer's market on Fridays to get to my internship, or watching the sunrise over the Charles. So did I make the transition from island girl to city girl? I'd have to say that's a yes.

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