Boston Public Library

My stealthy picture taking skills (and Rick).
View of the courtyard from the third floor by the Special Collections.

I am proud to say that I finally have a Boston Public Library card! Since I walk by the library frequently to get to my internship it will be nice to be able to stop in and check out some books too (there's also a smaller neighborhood branch near me but I can't resist the beauty of the main branch). Rick and I stopped by to visit it the other day and stumbled across an exhibit of photographic portraits of writers by Yousuf Karsh (a favorite of mine!) which was amazing. So either go to the BPL, check out the murals and sculpture, the exhibit, maybe also a book, or go to the Museum of Fine Arts where they have a more expansive collection of Karsh's work right now (although at the BPL they also have his written reflections of meeting with each author which makes it that much more interesting).

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