Further Knitting Adventures

The first of my "knitting for myself" projects, this hat calls for a coronet style cable band joined to the rest of the hat, it's supposed to be rolled up as a brim but I found that to be a little chunky, so instead i flipped it inside out and left the band down. My friend Marti pointed out that the shape of it now resembles a hat from the 20's or 30's and I like to think that's all part of its charm.

What's that you say? It's snowing outside? Again? While this weather may stink for long walks on the beach or barbecues, it is ideal for snuggling into bed with a good book or some knitting. Which means I have been involved in "Hat Knitting Frenzy Part II." During the first part I knit 10 hats in 14 days for a children's hospital in Maine. Then I took a brief hiatus to make my Mom's birthday present (shown in bottom picture).
Once my Mom's birthday presents were done (the matching hat, scarf and mittens you see below) I decided it was time to make a hat that would go on my own head!
I've been obsessing over Ravelry and Knitty.com, great knitting inspiration and the sources of all the patterns you see here, and I printed out a couple different hats that I was dying to make for myself. Although admittedly some of them will be for 30 years from now when I'm able to handle the complexity some of the patterns call for.
When I said curling up in bed with my knitting I wasn't kidding. This was when I had the flu that's been going around, and since being vertical wasn't feasible I spent most of my sick time in bed with my knitting watching seasons of Friends.

So if you're a knitter and not on Ravlery yet go do it!! You have to request to join, but once you're added you can network, search patterns, buy yarn, post your projects, store information on your stash (spare yarn for any non-knitters) and needles. Just to warn you though it's pretty addictive.
My Mom's finished hat!

Knitty is also amazing, and as my friend Nadia said "it is the source of all funky knits." This site is practically an online museum to all things knit and it's fantastic to see some of the things people come up with. So if you're interested in learning how to knit and need an easy project to start on, or you're an experienced knitter in a rut and in need of something fun, go check out the sites and knit away the winter blues!!


Nicole said...

Your knitting looks great! How have you been?

Lulu said...

Hi Nicole, thank you! I've been good, enjoying the coming of spring although it will take away the element of urgency for my knitting!

L.I.N.A said...

just passing by.
i love ur hat^^

Lulu said...

Thank you!