Beach Day!

We took one day off from the Library by taking a water taxi up the coast for a beach day. It was about 15-20 minutes by boat, but it was as pristine and beautiful as you could hope for.
We started out with a swim and then began to bake ourselves in the sun. It was soon apparent though why we were the only ones not in the shade and after an hour or so, most of us were sunned out and ready to move to the shade. Alternating between reading, sleeping and swimming was a fantastic way to pass a couple hours.
When it was time for the water taxi to come back we were all ready and eager, feeling a little crispy and pretty hungry. While I had been slathering myself with SPF 70, I apparently forgot several places and ended up with some great burns.
I wasn't alone with the sunburns though and we all took turns putting aloe on each other and comparing how crispy we were. The burns were well worth the great day at the beach though and all the beautiful views on the way there.

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Rick said...

I wonder if there is any pirate treasure in the cave