Canopy Tour

In addition to the turtle tour we had also heard great things about the canopy tour and were eager to try it, we sure weren't disappointed!! The course was just a fifteen minute drive out of SJDS and apparently has some of the highest, fastest, and longest zip lines in Nicaragua. After going on two little practice runs where we got used to braking and got comfortable with the whole process it was time for the real thing! The guides were hilarious, five men showing off by jumping on the zip lines and changing quickly from one line to another. I was pretty jealous with how effortless they made it look, plus they did crazy stuff like going upside down or going with no hands which just looked like way too much fun. I was able to convince them to bounce my line for the last run though!

The zip lines themselves were amazing, but they also offered a great view of the beautiful Nicaraguan countryside. At one point I even got to see a monkey hanging out in a tree. When we weren't getting whisked on and off the lines (our guides were the epitome of efficiency), we were standing on little platforms, able to look around at all the wildlife and vegetation. My best view though was when Andrea got stuck in the middle of the line (it was one of the long runs and it got super windy as she was going across, leaving her stranded in the middle of the line) and since I had already started I got to stop in the middle of the line and hang out with her until the guide came to get us (at which point he got to show off some more by hauling us all back to the platform!) At the end of it we all wanted to go and do it all over again, and some of us harbored dreams of staying in Nicaragua indefinitely and running our own canopy tours.

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