San Juan del Sur

If you were wondering where one of the most beautiful places on earth is, just go to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This was our home base in a sense during our stay. Jane, who founded the SJDS Biblioteca, also owns the Hotel Villa Isabella where we stayed and it was perfect.
In addition to having this fantastic front porch with great hammocks and swings, we got to wake up every morning and go downstairs to be treated to a fantastic breakfast, fresh fruit, great coffee, burritos, eggs, pancakes, waffles, tamales, you name it, we ate it.
This doesn't mean though that we didn't get hungry later in the day, here you see our group walking along the beach to get some ice cream. I opted for coconut although they also had a fruit one that was the most brilliant purple you've ever seen.
Here is the harbor at San Juan del Sur with a view of the hills on one side.
Right across the street from the library (and quite close to the hotel) was the church. Five minutes before 6pm you would hear the bells going, Jane explained that this was the way of saying "this is your last chance to come to church or you will be late!"

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