City life thus far

I started my morning off by staying in bed (it was too comfortable to resist and I get a kick out of watching the pigeons on the roof next door). After feeling sufficiently lazy I had my to do list to attend to starting off with a visit to work to drop off my HR forms. The campus used to be a finishing school for privileged women and it is absolutely beautiful to walk around. I still can't believe I started school, moved into a new apartment, and got a job all within a week of moving to Boston! After leaving the campus I got the crazy idea to walk from Chestnut Hill into Boston and was doing pretty well until the light sprinkle turned into a full blown thunder storm. A quick hike to the nearest bus stop (luckily a covered one) then a twenty minute wait and my pleasant walk turned into a nice bus road. My friend was going to meet me at Faneuil Hall but I got there a little early and was freezing and starving, what can solve both problems? Indian food! A huge serving of aloo mutter and I was finally warm again (and sweating from all the spices) and my friend showed up just as I was finished eating. Coming from undergrad in rural New York I am loving the selection and availability of delicious ethnic food. However with all the yummy temptations I'll have to be doing a lot more walking (unless there is thunder).

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