Sam Adams Brewery

Rick came up to visit me this weekend so we could celebrate our two year anniversary. Since it's such a long trip for him I wanted to make sure I had some really fun things up my sleeve for us to do. Luckily someone from my history class suggested the Sam Adams brewery. The brewery is in Jamaica Plain and the tour (with a beer tasting) is free although they appreciate a donation of 2 dollars per person which is given to local Boston charities. It's a bit of a hike to get to the brewery but well worth it. Take the orange line to the Stony Brook station and take a left out of the station, from that point on the signs will lead you right to the brewery.
While waiting for our tour to start we got to sit in the beer garden and try samples of some new flavors, a blackberry and a coffee porter, and then vote for our favorite which will be coming out in stores this winter. The tour was pretty basic, an explanation of the ingredients (which were passed around so you could smell and taste them) and then our guide walked us through the brewing process.
While the information was fun and added to my beer education, we (and everyone else) clearly were most interested in the beer tasting. After being given free tasting glasses, we were taught how to sample a beer and then had the Sam Adams Lager and the Octoberfest. After finishing our beers we were encouraged to visit the gift shop (we just really wanted the glasses so we skipped that) and then we headed back to the orange line.
In all it was a fun outing, be prepared for a bit of a raucous college atmosphere, but for 2 dollars each and free beer, who can complain?


Rick said...
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Rick said...

The blackberry beer was very strange and tasted mostly of blackberry lollipop flavoring. The octoberfest was very good though