Copley Square

I liked the contrast between the old church and the new office building.

Saturday was Brewery day but I had to go to class first and once I was done around noon Rick and I were too hungry to head straight to the brewery. So we hopped on the green line to head into the city and get closer to where we would eventually pick up the orange line. Playing it by ear we decided to get off at the Copley stop and look around for a restaurant. Before eating though I had to snap some pictures of the great buildings in the area, play with the statues of a turtle and a hare, and gawk at a dalmatian spotted pigeon. It was a beautiful day to just hang out by the fountain and people watch but we were on a mission and didn't hang out very long.

In case you didn't know where you are, the red pin will tell you that you're in Copley Square.
Boston Public Library

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Nicole said...

It sounds like you guys are having so much fun. I am glad Boston is treating you well.