We only had a couple of hours in Granda but it was enough time for an amazing meal and to see what I was most interested in: the cathedral, below, and the Iglesia de Guadalupe, above.
The cathedral was repainted recently and the yellow practically glowed.
Here it is with a view of the hills in the back. Granada sits next to Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, and the 21st largest lake in the world. Lake Nicaragua is home to species found nowhere else on the globe, such as a freshwater shark. The Lake is also home to two volcanic islands, Ometepe and Zapetera.

The square by the cathedral had a number of stands selling jewelry, pottery, and dried stuffed frogs. This boy was taking a nap with his parrot until the opportunity of sales perked him up.
Here our chef for our amazing lunch poses besides his grill. Think juicy beef, amazing fresh fish, fried plantains, and great sauces full of fresh flavor. This was definitely one of the best meals we had the whole trip and I left feeling quite full and ready for a little walk.

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