Welcome to Nicaragua!

"Hello, come on in, make yourself at home. You wouldn't happen to have a cracker handy? Eh?"

Starting on January 14th I was in Nicaragua with a group of fellow Library Science students to volunteer at the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Publica y Movil. The trip went very well, and was one of my best travel experiences so far. For the next week or so I'll be covering the trip, all the great sites and food, and some of my thoughts. Let's start off with the welcoming committee...

"Hola, so nice to have you, let me preen for your photo"

I flew into Managua on the fourth, and we stayed at the Hotel Camino Reale that night. It was right next to the airport, has amazing breakfast, and is beautiful. As an added bonus they have parrots, deer, and a turkey. What better way to say "welcome to our country" than with cute and fuzzy animals. Although the deer appears to be a little cheeky, sticking it's tongue out for the camera!

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