On our way from Managua to Granada we stopped at a small library in Tipitapa. This ended up being our favorite site visit by far and an amazing story. A mother and daughter in the community saw a need for a library, and so they donated half of their house to this cause and now run the library out of one room.
It's clear that they do a wonderful job with community outreach when you see how confident these children are and how comfortable they were in the library. I sat to read them one book and soon had many more piled on my lap. They were very patient with my slow pronunciation although I did elicit more than a few giggles.
In addition to story time there were lots of kids making calendars and I had fun passing them glue and buttons and watching their very careful selection of macaroni. This site visit was even hotter than the last and even though it was hard to tear ourselves away from all the hugs and laughter the air-conditioned van was once again a big relief.

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Nicole said...

Love you pictures. Your trip sounds wonderful. The kids are adorable.