Here you see two of the volunteers, Renaldo in the green hat, and Erikka with the red headband. This was a particularly intense game of soccer and I took a quick break on the pretense of taking photos. When I wasn't busy being the goalie I tried playing offense and had some pretty fierce competitors. The only reason we were able to keep up with them is because we had sneakers and they were all playing in sandals and flip flops (not ideal when you're playing on a combination of cement, barbed wire, rocks, and dog poop) the game ended tied 1-1 with the volunteers exhausted and the kids eager for more.

A major part of the trip was getting to go out on the bookmobile to see some of the communities that the library is able to serve. In addition to having the library in San Juan del Sur, they also serve over 30 communities through the bookmobile, bringing books to some pretty rural areas.
You never know what you might find on the drive, in addition to fording a river in the pick up truck we also saw some oxen (this of course led to many jokes about Oregon Trail and dying of dysentery) along with beautiful vistas of rolling hills and jungles.
This in a sense is the bookmobile, a pickup truck full of volunteers, and another truck with three bins of books, some paperwork, and some snacks.
At one of the schools a mama pig and her babies came to check out the book selection. They were interested in the book "Lodo, Lodo, Lodo" ("Mud, Mud, Mud") but since they didn't return their books they couldn't check out any new ones.
All the children were on vacation during our stay so school was out of session when we went out on the bookmobile. Kids still made their way out to the sites though with their books to return and eager if shy expressions on their faces. The SJDS employees had an awesome system for checking the books in and out, so as volunteers we mainly did crafts with the kids, played soccer or Frisbee, did read alouds, or got the kids to read to us (this was my personal favorite).

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