Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

The drive up to Mount Rushmore was beautiful, although we almost didn't make it- I saw a petting zoo with baby bears running around and almost made Rick stop there. In addition to Mt. Rushmore we saw the Crazy Horse memorial which was spectacular.
It's not completed yet, and probably won't be finished within my lifetime. The original artist began in the '50's and has since passed away and now his family has continued the work. The progress is slow because the family is committed to the idea of free enterprise and refuses to take any government or state money for the monument.
To put the size of Crazy Horse in perspective, when it is finished it will be the world's largest monument and the four heads of Mt. Rushmore could fit within just the head section of Crazy Horse. Only the head and the arm are completed as of now, but next they will be working on the head of the horse that Crazy Horse is riding.
Here's Mt. Rushmore (we didn't want to pay $20 just to park so we took pictures from the car and didn't get up closer). Next up is Wyoming and Yellowstone!

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