South Dakota

We have entered South Dakota! We started off with a drive along the Mississippi out of Minnesota, and then got on Route 90. First stop was the ultra-kitsch Corn Palace in Mitchell (see picture at bottom) and we just stayed long enough to get some necessary photos and postcards before getting back on the road.
We were just awestruck with the scenery, so flat that at one point we could see it pouring rain in another county. Billboards were a fun source of entertainment on the drive, with many pointing out the attractions in the area that we absolutely couldn't miss (according to them). We did stop at one, the 1800 town, it was a whopping $19 for R and I to tour the town and see all the props from the movie Dances with Wolves. But it was a nice break from driving and made for some great pictures.
The town it was in doesn't seem to have a name, it's just "22 miles west of Murdo, South Dakota." The 1880 town began in the 1970's and is now furnished with a number of old movie sets and props. It seems like the town has suffered from a downturn in traffic because it was quite the ghost town.
It was definitely a good dose of the travel-kitsch we were looking for on our trip, and I'm glad we got it when we did because Wall Drug was a gigantic disappointment.
Our travels yesterday did not consist solely of faded relics, we also visited the amazing Badlands, more on that later.

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