Road Trip- Day "I Don't Know"

Our road trip should be sponsored by Reese's Pieces, I've had at least a bag of these a day!

We are now in Kansas, we made it through Wyoming and Colorado yesterday. There was a high wind advisory and there were at least seven tractor trailers that had been blown over. The first was in front of our car and we had to wait 25 minutes for it to get pulled over so one lane was clear.

We have only three plates left for the license plate game (West Virginia, Delaware, and District of Colombia) having run across Alaska and South Carolina yesterday, and happening across Hawaii in Yellowstone (I shrieked so loudly when we found it). As for our other progress, we are now near the end of the fifth Harry Potter book on audio. We are off to St. Louis to see the gateway arch, but first we'll have to stop in Kansas City for some barbecue. If we have internet at the next hotel we'll try to catch up on posts and show all of you Yellowstone and the Teton's.

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