Niagara Falls

We started the morning off at Niagara Falls. We were able to get free parking and then walk onto Goat Island. From there we walked over to the falls and were able to see the main falls from Luna Island along with the Bridal Veil Falls. We were still in awe with the speed of the water and got our first view of the massive Horseshoe Falls from Terrapin Point.
At first we were thinking about just viewing the falls from the top but finally decided that we had to do the Cave of the Winds Tour to see the falls from below. For $11 each we got ponchos and shoes, and got to take an elevator down to the base of the falls. I'm so glad we did it and got our "falls experience," not only were the views amazing but we got to actually be in the falls (without taking a barrel ride of course). The water was so cold it gave me an "ice cream" headache, and as the Indian man next to us said "my fingers are numbing."
My poncho managed to keep me and my bag dry, however R was pretty soaked by the end of it and I tried not to laugh at him too much since I had insisted on the tour. He got a chance to laugh at me soon enough though since on our way out of the park I spotted one of the black squirrels of Ottawa. I started to walk towards it with evil schemes of giving chase, however this was one tough squirrel, instead of being scared of me it was soon chasing me up the sidewalk while I yelled to Rick "it's not afraid, why is it not afraid" while onlooking Japanese tourists recorded the whole scene and laughed hysterically.
The rest of the day was spent driving to Southbend Indiana via Cleveland Ohio. We had been thinking of stopping to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (just the outside, we're not big enough music fans to warrant paying the $20-something each) but it started pouring rain outside the city and we decided to instead pay tribute by singing "Cleveland Rocks" while we drove through. I owe the Drew Carey show for the fact that I know any of the words to that song.

Tomorrow is Notre Dame, then perhaps a tour of a chocolate factory and if I get my way we'll stop at Gary, Indiana for a brief photo-op (I'm a big Music Man fan) before we continue on to visit family in Chicago.

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