A dangerous assignment

I know the amount of photos I have taken of the gardens in the last couple days is starting to border on obsessive, but I'm just too excited about all the blooming signs of spring! Going outside to capture yet another day in the life of the magnolia aka Honey Tree, I realized the shrub at the top of the driveway was in full bloom. Normally I steer clear of this shrub and it's inch long thorns but I didn't think a couple of pictures would hurt. As I set up my first shot, I realized there was a huge bee in the picture, stepping back I saw that the whole shrub was actually abuzz with some of the fattest bees I've ever seen. Rather than running inside I decided to brave it out and try to get a few good pictures of these chubby and very busy little pollinators at work.


Nicole said...

Wow! You are brave. I couldn't do it. Beautiful flower photos! We are stuck in early June gloom marine layer here these days.

Lulu said...

I was still a big scaredy cat, I had my camera as far away from me as possible so that I could get a close up shot but not let the bee be close to me!