A late rabbit rabbit and belated birthday?

Do you know the superstition where on the first day of the month you're supposed to say "rabbit rabbit" before you say anything else and this will bring you good luck? Well I always forget to do that, but driving home from work yesterday I had the great idea that I could do a post that had "rabbit rabbit" and that would be a similar good luck granting experience. Once I got home though the dog needed attention and plants needed to be put outside and I forgot. Guess I'm not destined to accumulate any extra luck!
While I'm on the subject of things I forget to do... here's a picture of dessert from my wonderful birthday meal a couple days ago. We went to Fore Street in Portland for an amazing dinner and even though I was stuffed I finished with a trio of creme brulees (pink peppercorn, malted chocolate espresso, and vanilla cinnamon) it was fantastic!

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Nicole said...

That creme brulee looks heavenly!