Not feeling herself

This is her more serious "philosophical face" it's about as contemplative as you can expect from someone who drinks from the toilet. This is her pouty face, I think she has the puppy dog eyes down to a science.
I think Fiona is upset about my new job, and how it prevents me from spending the whole day rubbing her tummy and letting her in and out. She's also trying to figure out how many of her people are supposed to be at home (all the coming and going seems to upset her and she'd like it if we all just stayed put). Last night she didn't even eat her dinner till I came home at ten, which means a full bowl of food was sitting there for five hours in front of the dog who normally woofs down all her food in five seconds. Poor pup, maybe she's just sick of the democratic primaries and wants it to be decided once and for all. Either way, I'm hoping it's nothing a trip to the lake and a slim jim can't fix.

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