Locks of Love

I finally did it, my long (and sometimes very frustrating hair) has been cut off and donated to Locks of Love!! It was a bit of a shock but so far I am loving not getting my hair stuck in things (like jackets, doors, purses and jewelry), not getting stuck in it while sleeping, not having to deal with huge rats nests, and using a lot less shampoo and time to get ready (plus I finally look more like my real age which means getting carded at the bar a lot less, an unexpected bonus).
The before (with a good friend at the Blackbird Cafe)
The Hair!
The end result


Nicole said...

Wow! Your hair looks cute short! (I just cut mine too). But I have never had such LONG thick hair! Good for you.

Carded less? Well you will get over that soon enough! Actually I OCCASIONALLY get carded and LOVE it!

Lulu said...

Thanks Nicole! So far it's been a lot of fun having less hair, I might grow it just a little longer so I can get it into a pony tail and then just leave it that length