Upstate New York

There were so many gorgeous barns, many surrounded by lilacs, I had to get at least one picture showing some of the charm of upstate NY.
The bridge from Vermont to New York.
After crossing into NY you are met with this sign which I find hilarious and a pretty good indicator of exactly how upstate "Upstate" NY is (Canada is 1 mile away at this point).
This weekend was Commencement and the big drive to upstate New York. While it is an obnoxiously long drive, it is a beautiful one and even though I've made the drive many times, I ended up taking the wrong exit which turned out to be a happy mistake. Saving myself another hour on the highway I instead got to wend through a picturesque part of Vermont (near South Alburgh) and could have easily added another hour to the drive by stopping to take pictures.

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Nicole said...

Hey ... maybe I have been near here??? Well we fly into Albany and then drive to Vermont every August to see my husbands family in Bennington.