Messy Meringues

The mess I made in my kitchen!
The tasty finished product!
I was reading one of my favorite cooking magazines the other day (Eating Well) and ran across a recipe for meringues. In an odd mood, I decided on a whim I was going to make a batch of vanilla meringues, and while some were a little burnt most of them were delicious and were described as "yummy toasty crispy marshmallows." The next day I bought more eggs, and made a batch of chocolate cinnamon meringues (the vanilla ones remained the taste favorites). 80 meringues later I realized I might have a new baking addiction, but I was just so surprised at how easy and yummy they are (and at 8 calories each they're a pretty awesome snack!). It's okay though, I can stop making meringues any time I want to, really, I can stop.... I just don't want to!