Aquarium fun!

It's a little difficult to get a good picture of dolphins, they move veeeeery fast so bear with me.
Big toad!

Right after this picture was taken it sneezed. It was pretty freaky to see since all it's jaw seemed to roll out of it's mouth (so you could see all those rows of teeth) and then it just went right back in.
Poor Rick. A couple weeks before the trip I started planning everything which included researching the aquarium and seeing how much tickets were (start around 20 for adults) and looking up what they had. I believe I was on the phone with him when I shrieked "they have a baby dolphin, they have a baby dolphin." After that his fate was sealed and he had to listen to all my dolphin enthusiasm for the next couple of weeks. While we did not end up seeing the dolphin show (there were some timing issues) we did get to see them swimming around and it was wonderful to watch all the playing they do and watch the baby swim in tandem with it's mom. We also got to spend some quality time with the sharks, turtles and stingrays (I never knew that their undersides look like big smiley faces). Along with our tickets we got to go to the 4-D show. Think of a 3-D movie but interactive, so when you're watching a whale come to the surface you get splashed, when you see the water snakes swimming around there are suddenly things moving around your ankles, and when they show the eels darting out of their caves you get poked in the back of the chair. Before the film started they said it was not appropriate for children that are easily excitable, Rick jokingly said we had better leave for my sake. He spent the next twenty minutes of the show holding my hand as I freaked out and then the next hour hoping it would recover from being squeezed so hard. Like I said, poor Rick!


Rick said...

The best part about the parrot was the woman who worked at the aquarium shrieking at the kids to stay away because it was a dangerous wild animal

Nicole said...

ha ha! funny post. the shark sneezing would be very weird to see.