Running late seemed to be the theme of the day and we had very little time to get to the Peabody from the inner harbor. Rick has not traveled enough with me yet to know to be leery of some of my "great ideas." So when I said that it would take less time to walk there than to get the car out of the parking garage and drive there, he said "sure." Fast forward to a half hour later, we are still walking, and not really sure where we are but we know that the Peabody is not within site. I say we turn around and as we are walking back we see a sign for the Peabody and the Walter's Gallery, we end up getting there but have missed the scheduled tour time. Since we have nothing to lose we decided to see if we could still get in and were able to walk around one of the most amazing libraries I have ever seen. As we were walking out and I was babbling incoherently about how amazing it was, the woman at the front desk said "and the spiral staircase is through that door to your right." It wasn't anything we had planned on seeing but it was beautiful and I think it's a fitting illustration of how everything seems to work out during travel.

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