I have a thing for farmer's markets, I adore them, it's similar to my random obsession with steeples and spires. Rick used to work at this little farm near Baltimore and knowing of my obsession said we should go. After getting some yummy fudge (for breakfast of course) we went past all the peaches and found a petting zoo! Of course closely following my love of farmer markets and church spires is my love of cute and fuzzy things (OK, that's a lie, my love of cute and fuzzy things far surpasses just about anything else!). So I got to start the morning off with chocolate and bunnies, what more could a girl need? And after these fun but frantic days of hyper-tourism Rick had to go back to work, and I spent the rest of my vacation reading, hanging out with his family and the dogs, and watching all the fire flies in the field, sounds like a perfect break to me!

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