Boston Adventures

Fanueil Hall
I missed getting a picture of one of the dancers leaping over all the people standing there, but this group is great! (notice the one white kid squished in the middle? )

This guy was working HARD for his money, what I didn't capture in this picture is that his tight rope is currently being held by about 10 bystanders from the crowd (so I guess they were working hard for his money too)
Mom and I recently took a trip down to Boston to do an apartment search which went pretty well. The first place was absolute hell and the second was perfect, so now I'm just waiting to hear back (the thought of getting my housing all taken care of would make me leap with joy if I wasn't sitting with my laptop on my lap right now). The best part of the trip though was hanging out at Quincy Market with my mom. I love all the amazing food, the unbeatable people watching, the beautiful architecture, and the very entertaining street performers. So here are some of the highlights of the trip

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