Art Museum and Sculpture Garden

For whatever reason the center of the art museum reminded me of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter movies.
Very cool hanging sculpture with a bit of optical illusion.
"Ahhh, it's a giant spider, run for your life!!"
Another cool optical illusion, in the picture and in real life it first appears that this sculpture is projecting out at you, but it is actually concave (the center of the house is farther away from you than the two sides)

Initially I wanted to go to the National Museum of American History, but it is under renovation, so we decided to pop into the National Art museum which is also on the mall (I can't imagine living in Washington and having all that knowledge and culture available for free all the time, although then you probably take it for granted!)

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Nicole said...

Ha Ha! I remember that spider. I have a photo of it somewhere too!