Hellooo Animals

"The animal exhibits are to your left, minerals and fossils to your right, the butterfly exhibit is up and to the left. Children, no running please, I said No RUNNING! Gosh, why do I get the feeling that no one is ever listening to me?"
"Surprise!! Haha, dude I totally scared you, you should have seen the look on your face. Oh, don't even pretend, you know I had you shaking in your boots man, I totally got you!"
"I know I am too adorably cute. You are fighting urges to nibble my itty bitty ear. You cannot resist, just give in to the cuteness" (imagine it is a little French accent and it is tres magnifique!)
The home of all that great goodness (don't let the pictures fool you, there is more in there than just animals, it's just that my interests are somewhat skewed to the cute and fuzzy, even if the cute and fuzzy has been skewered and stuffed)

My more regular readers will know that it can't be a Lulu trip without some exciting animal adventures, lucky for us the Smithsonian Natural History Museum was more than ready to provide.

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Rick said...

Wheres the moose?