Brno + Food

So as I'm sitting here doing my little morning coffee routine (it normally also includes the most delicious doughnuts which are stuffed with nutella) I thought I would fill people in on what it's like to grocery shop in a foreign country. As you can see from the picture, milk in Czech is mleko and sugar is cukr. I have also had to learn the Czech words for salt, cinnamon, bacon and cheese. For a lot of food items I can obviously identify what I need (bananas look the same in Czech, as does cauliflower and bread). For other things pictures are really helpful (the jar with a picture of a peanut on the front was in fact peanut butter, hooray!). I had been avoiding getting meat and cheese however, as these would require me to have to say and understand different amounts (there's a lot less English spoken in Brno than in Prague and I seriously doubt that anyone would understand me if I asked for a quarter pound of bacon). However yesterday, armed with my phrasebook and some words I had looked up (like bacon, more, less, this, that, and enough) and with Tom backing me up, we bought bacon (salina angliana, or English bacon) and cheese. This with the bread (chleb) from the little store down the street went into making the world's most delicious bacon grilled cheese sandwich, which was the first meal made in the apartment.

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Lauren's Mom said...

It seems like walking through a grocery store and picking up a few items would be relatively simple task but it is astonishingly stressful and requires much more interaction and personal service than shopping in America since most items are in a glass case and not pre packaged. I am very proud of you