More Brno + Food

While I'm on the subject of Czech food I should mention the lunch Tom and I had yesterday. Normally for lunch we just go to the nearest street vendor and get a hot dog (they're extra delicious here since they're more like pigs in a blanket and the bun is a nice toasted roll) but we saw there was one vendor that also had an inside seating section. Lucky for us, a lot of places here have big pictures of the specials and we just have to signal the number of the special we want. Tom got falafel, and I got a hummus platter. When mine came though, it was just a big bowl of hummus, with oil on top, served with just a spoon, no bread. After actually eating a spoonful of hummus, I decided that not even I like hummus enough to eat it by the spoonful, so I copied Tom and got falafel too and we put the hummus on top. It was surprisingly the best falafel I've ever had and even more shocking, the sandwich had fresh veggies in it (most of our meals here consist of meat, more meat, some meat on top of the meat, bread, and potatoes). I'm looking forward to seeing where our lunch time adventures bring us today!

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