A view worth the hike

So since I arrived in Brno with Tom I have been walking everywhere. I've actually had the same unused tram ticket in my pocket for the last four days since I keep thinking that I'll use it and then I decide to walk instead. I do love this pedestrian society, although I think part of the walking is indicative of city life rather than a distinctly Czech phenomenon (this bodes well for me since I am Boston-bound in the fall). I've also come to love mass transit which is rather a surprise since I grew up on a small island in Maine and used to think I was incapable of figuring out things like bus schedules or metro lines. Anyways, this is the view that greeted me after a steep climb up the hill to the castle.


Lauren's Mom said...

Lauren, would you post a picture of a tram? Preferrably one that is 3 cars long and bursting with bodies.

Alison said...

Yeah, and one with police officers on it checking tickets! No, actually, that might be a bad idea, don't listen to your crazy sister-- but definitely a picture of a tram would be great.