What spells joy? B-A-C-O-N

So funny enough, about a month ago I was a vegetarian. Not really for any specific reason, mostly because I'm not good at cooking meat (and eating it raw is ill-advised) but also because after going long periods without eating it I found I didn't miss it. However, in preparation for the trip we got a Czech cook book, since Czech restaurants haven't really taken off in the U.S. and we wanted to try the cuisine. In the cook book it was a lot of meat. In the section on vegetable dishes the author even joked that they would be more aptly called "things Czechs serve with meat." So, this struck some fear into my little vegetarian heart since I did not want to live on potatoes and beer while I was here. So, I bit the bullet and started getting used to meat again so it wouldn't make me sick while I was here.

Well I'm happy to say that my States side carnivore training has paid off and I am able to eat the many delicious meat dishes served here (like steak with bacon or hot dogs). As part of this, I have been able to enjoy the piece of culinary heaven that is Czech bacon. If you want the world's most delicious bacon, you need to come here to the Czech Republic. I believe I have already extolled the virtues of the bacon when I described the delicious bacon grilled cheese sandwiches Tom and I made for dinner the other night. So, given it's supreme tastiness and ability to make a former vegetarian crave pork, I figured that bacon deserved it's very own posting!


Lauren's Mom said...

Hey, what's wrong with a diet of potatoes and beer?!?
What I noticed in the Czech Republic is that they don't serve a lot of vegetables with their meat. For side dishes they usually have more meat.

Alison said...

I second that Mom! We did all notice, though, how flavorful dishes were, even basic things like potatoes. So what dishes lack in veggies, they make up for in herbs and spices: dill, oregano, marjoram and paprika especially.