Marzipan and pictures to start the day

To start the day off on a happy note, MARZIPAN!! The marzipan in Prague tasted a little different, according to my Mom, the marzipan connoisseur. It was a more doughy with a less concentrated almond taste. But they were still too adorable to ignore and we happily ate a little strawberry creation. I think these goodies are cute enough to be on Cute Overload.
I thought I'd start the day off with a whole mess of pictures from the trip. This is from the Troja House in Prague, it's a big house done in the Italian Villa style right by the Prague zoo (where they have excellent otters and giraffes but the polar bears look very sad) and has amazing frescoes inside.
This is the statue of Jan Hus with the Church of our Lady of Tyn in the background in Staromestske Namesti in Prague. I have a picture of him later with a pigeon perched on his head and somehow it takes away from his austere countenance.

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