The wonders of Czech and Polish television

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I have not only taken pictures of the television, but I am now posting pictures of the television (heck, I already took pictures of bacon, so how much weirder can this be?). I do this in an attempt to convey the wonder that is Czech and Polish television. Our very first evening in Prague, we turned on the TV to unwind and found "Charmed" dubbed in Czech (this will seem even funnier to those who know that my senior thesis for Religious Studies was about popular culture portrayals of Wicca and Witchcraft and as part of this I studied the series "Charmed"). In Poland, after a very emotionally exhausting trip to Auschwitz, I was feeling a little brain dead and turned on the TV only to find the most adorable Polish cartoon featuring little barn animals (a mean little skunk tricked the cow, hen and pig into thinking there was a "trollum" or troll under the bridge so he could steal their pie and the sheep are practicing a play to help the animals). When I was giggling like crazy Ali just rolled her eyes at me, and when I jumped up and got my camera she said "are you really taking a picture of the TV?"
In Brno, I was lucky enough to stumble upon "The Simpsons" dubbed in Czech. Homer does not say "DOH!" and it sounds like Marge is dubbed by a man, but it doesn't really matter, I still get a kick out of it anyways. They also have some pretty snazzy aerobic shows and lots of history documentaries. I know most people would say that you don't travel to a foreign country to watch TV, but you really should!

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Lauren's Mom said...

My personal favorite was Czech Sponge Bob. I could not stop laughing. The show is not nearly as funny in English