A teacup day

So I got home and realized not only did I have my teacup (and saucer) purchasing adventure but while I was waiting at the post office in between watching the little dog tied up outside and hoping I had enough koruna (Czech currency) to mail the two letters and all the postcards, I noticed that along with the cards that were for sale, there were also some little picture stickers. These were obviously for some lucky little Czech child (I think they make them cuter here, along with the dogs) since they had pictures of things like boats, trains, umbrellas and trousers and then the words in both Czech and English with pronunciation guides for the English spellings. Obviously a small child would be delighted by this, but so was I since my language skills (in Czech, hopefully not in English) are about the same as a three year old, although that is probably an insult to all Czech toddlers of average intelligence. It really is true though since I know how to say "I want," "No," "Yes," and "Please," obviously words that most toddlers are well versed in (especially the "I want" and "No"). However, most exciting about these stickers was that one of the little pictures was of a cup and saucer, just like the ones I had purchased and were in my bag at that very moment. I wish I could tell you all that this now means I know the Czech word for cup but I seem to have forgotten it after all the excitement of actually having enough money to mail the letters, and then promptly dropping ALL my change on the floor (which was pretty darn embarrassing and I ran out of there in a hurry even though I apparently missed a 1 kc coin because the old man behind me kept saying "tady, tady" or "there, there" and pointing to the corner, oh well, it's worth about a nickel, I think I'll live). But, in summation, it was a double teacup day!

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