Brrrrrrno (because it's a little chilly today)

Our street, pretty fancy, huh? I met Tom again today for lunch, we went to the place with the great falafel. After that I was on a tea cup mission, searching for replacements for the beautiful ones we got the last time we were in Brno but which happened to have been stolen in the whole birthday incident. Luckily I was able to find the same store and I know about enough Czech to do shopping "chtyela bech kopet tento, prosim" (forgive me if the spelling is wrong, our Czech lessons were audio not written." In the store and also later in the post office, people are very patient with me and my pretty much mono-lingual ways. After saying hello in Czech when I am met with complicated questions (usually the Czech equivalent of "can I help you?") or numbers higher than 30 (that's as far as I've learned so far) I get a deer in the head lights look which luckily is met with a great deal of patience and help. Both Tom and I have found that it is surprisingly effective to point and use hand gestures and when it comes time to pay we put some money in our hands and people just take out the correct amount and give us back the change. Tom has even been lucky enough to have been given a Czech currency tutorial from the nice ladies at the grocery store where they explained the amount of each coin (it's a little more complicated than you might think).

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