What do chocolate doughnuts and castles have in common?

Uhh, I don't know, maybe they're both filled with goodness?

So I woke up this morning with a tummy ache and went "Sacre Bleau, this cannot be, I must go to the Castle today, I MUST!" Except with a lot less drama since it was early in the morning and I hadn't had any coffee yet. I am happy to report however that the delicious doughnuts that Tom brings to the apartment every morning after his run seems to have made me feel all better. These doughnuts really are amazing, since I have to admit, I have a severe Nutella addiction, and these little fluffy pillows of deliciousness are stuffed with Nutella. It's good that I'm able to get my chocolate hazelnut fix in early in the morning since there are whole jars full of Nutella at the store and I'm working very hard at resisting them. So remember, chocolate doughnut solves all problems (except for perhaps a chocolate allergy). But about the castle visit today that the tummy ache almost foiled: Spilberk is right in the center of Old Brno on the top of the hill and was built in the 13'th century and then later transformed into a Baroque fortress. The site is also somewhat infamous however as it served as a prison after the Napoleonic wars and again by the Nazis (so I guess my earlier comment that both doughnuts and castles are filled with goodness might be incorrect). So expect pictures of the castle at some point and since Tom and I are going to Vienna tomorrow there should be some great pictures from that trip as well. And if I am not able to post for a couple days it will be because I am too busy enjoying sachertorte, strudels and soaking in the culture from the home of Mozart, Freud and the Hapsburgs!

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