The castle itself. I walked around quite a bit outside, there are extensive walking trails and there were many people out and about with their dogs or small children. I bought a ticket for just the ground floor since I was still not feeling great and I was a little confused when the lady threw a bunch of options at me, so I did not get to see the dungeons but just walking around outside was enough and I can always go back.
Mom, you build walls like this right? I mean, I could easily mistake this for something we have in our back yard.
The translation of the information about the bells was pretty funny. I'm not sure I can remember it well enough to pass on the amusement, but I believe there was something in there about how they chime for whole hours from 9am to 3pm.
I just kind of have a thing for doors, they're pretty. There is a whole folder of pictures of doors from my India trip, so consider yourself lucky I only posted one.
Looking down into the yard the fortifications were quite impressive, I think if I had bought the correct ticket I would have been able to walk around down in there and see all the spooky cellar dungeons.


Lauren's Mom said...

Do go back to see the dungeons. I had a literacy problem there. I kept viewing the rooms and reading the descriptions and the the word recreation. I was confused that 27 prisoners in a relatively small space chained to a board could have anything to do with fun physical activity. It wasn't until we left that I realized they meant re-creation as in "the life sized figures chained to the long board are a re-creation of what this scene looked like 600 years ago"

Lulu said...

oh thanks Mom, I was meaning to tell that story and i forgot to. such a funny misreading!!