An adventursome dinner

I got on an early train back to Brno and just like last time (I came back early from Bratislava) I was worried about finding Tom since I would not be at the train station when I said I would be. On the train I planned it out that I would quickly check the train station, see if he was there and if not I'd head up to his office. If he wasn't in the office I was going to go to the apartment and if I still hadn't found him I would go and wait at the station. Well just like last time, I ran into Tom right at the intersection by Masyrk (I mean I ran into him in the EXACT same place as last time!) because he had been heading to the station an hour and half early in case my train came in early.

Still marvelling over the coincidence, we went back to our favorite restaurant for dinner. It was a different waitress but we managed to order to beers and two goulashes. After we'd finished, we tried to order the same dessert we'd had last time and a Slivovice for Tom. The waitress looked flummoxed and walked away saying "moment." She brought two beers over to a table next to us and I noticed the young woman there pointing over to our table with a questioning look. Soon she came over to our table and said "the waitress does not understand what you want, so you tell me." So we talked to this woman and tried to explain we wanted to order dessert, crepes, and finally after saying chocolate she understood the dessert part but very sweetly said "I do not understand crepes or ice cream. Chips? You want chips like British food?" Finally she asked "like pancake" and we said yes, but only after we had tried to tell her to just order something for us and we were sure we'd like it (she said she could not do this for us looking horrified at the idea). We ended up getting dessert, and Slivovice for Tom, and it was great. However, we wanted to pay the bill also for the woman who had helped us, but when the waitress came and I tried to ask her, she didn't understand, so she called the woman over to explain. When I told her we had appreciated her help so much and we wanted to pay their bill too she just backed away saying "No, no no no no" and explained she liked knowing some English. So having driven our waitress crazy, and made a new friend only to make a presumptuous suggestion, we figured it was time to head back home and call it a night.

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