A little language goes a long way

So I went for a short run today (quite short since I haven't run in three weeks and seem to be coming down with a cold) around the park behind the apartment and down to Namesti Miru. Along the run two ladies with dogs stood to the side of the path and watched as I approached. When I came near enough one shouted to me "Slechna [Czech words I don't understand]?" in a friendly manner. Slechna means Miss, and I get this shouted at me often however I didn't know what her question was. I had to respond "Ne mluvem cheski, ysem Americanka" as I wheezed past which the two ladies burst into grins and started clapping about. Apparently that was the perfect response. While we often have to meet questions with blank faces, and need numbers written down for us, I've been happy to find that each word of Czech I learn is met with wide approval and appreciation, and sometimes even clapping!

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